• Effective business planning with a strong and lasting impact. Outcomes you can rely upon.

  • Leverage your diversity for real results and a competitive edge.

  • Make money doing what you love with the people . . . or animals . . . you love

  • Black and White Consulting provides non-profits with the tools they need to achieve stronger outcomes, obtain the funding they need, and quantify and communicate their genuine impact in the community. Our mission is to help non-profits achieve their missions, grow and thrive!

  • We specialize in encore businesses . . . your dream business, second career businesses and more - like wineries!

  • Home health care, long-term care and other health care businesses . . . we can help you thrive!

  • Natural cosmetics, perfumes and personal care product manufacturing . . . make your dreams come true.

  • We know how to make agri-tourism, agricultural and rural businesses work.

  • If you want to make it, sell it, distribute it, ship it, or fix it, we have manufacturing business wired.

For-Profit and Non-Profit Planning and Coaching

Some of Our More than 120 Satisfied Clients Include

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