Our Approach

From the first days working with women from South and Central Los Angeles who wanted to start their own businesses, we've had a "people-first" emphasis. We focus on finding business strengths on a human level and in all other dimensions, from location to vision.

Our Story

Amy began doing business planning while serving as the Vice President of Development at Beyond Shelter in Los Angeles. Coming from a not-for-profit background, she realized that people were not going to be able to establish the homes and lives they envisioned for themselves and their families through social services. They had a lot of great ideas and infinite capacity to create, build, and improve things. Amy decided she was a builder, too. And has been building things ever since.

Our Team

Amy Casil and Bruce White have been married since 2017. They are both empaths.

Amy Casil Bus Photo Nov 2020

Amy Sterling Casil

Founder & CEO

Amy's the author of 44 conventionally published books, hundreds of articles, and is a former nonprofit executive - she also served as Treasurer of the Science Fiction/Fantasy Writers of America for 7 years and was a the founding Treasurer of Book View Cafe, one of the first and largest author publishing cooperatives. She's helped over 200 businesses with business and marketing plans and pitch decks. And GOOD STUFF!

Bruce White

Bruce White

Consulting Engineer

Bruce White is a Materials Engineer and Lean Six Sigma Black Belt and has led major projects saving millions of dollars for Fortune 500 companies in food, aerospace, display systems, and medical device manufacturing. He's also Amy's husband and better-read and smarter than her.

We're Glad to Hear From You

Don't be afraid to call and talk to us. We not only don't bite, if you visited that "empath" link you know we're good listeners.