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black and white logo wideWho We Are:
Black and White Consulting offers principles and knowledge used by today’s most-successful for-profit businesses to improve non-profit organizational performance. We combine Continuous Improvement tools and techniques with innovative non-profit program planning, fund development, and market analysis.

Our goal is to help non-profit organizations become more efficient, effective and sustainable. Black and White Consulting provides non-profits with the tools they need to achieve stronger outcomes, obtain the funding they need to grow and thrive, and quantify and communicate their genuine impact in the community. Our mission is to help non-profits achieve their missions, grow and thrive!

What We Deliver:
As a first-step, Black and White Consulting will perform Value Stream Mapping for an individual program or the organization as a whole. The Value Stream Map is a core, foundational tool used in Lean Six Sigma Continuous Improvement to assess Value Added vs. non-Value Added tasks in organizational operations and management. It quantifies current performance and serves as a visual and written roadmap for tracking progress in a MEASUREABLE, REPORTABLE manner leading to long-term SUSTAINABILITY.

After Value Stream Mapping and consultation, additional products and services include:

Management and Operational Tools
Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA), enabling stakeholders and managers to identify and address potential problems in management and performance, clearing the way for effective operations and sustainability.

5S Project Organization, based in principles developed by Toyota and used by many other high-performing organizations worldwide. Evaluate and assess project performance and plan future projects by using the 5-S concepts: SORT, STRAIGHTEN, SHINE, STANDARDIZE and SUSTAIN. Each step focuses on identifying best practices, resulting in high-performance, sustainable processes and teams within projects and the organization as a whole.

Sustainability Plans, based in Value Stream Mapping, offering a written plan and deliverable for ongoing operations, illustrating to stakeholders and funders a roadmap for sustained revenue and ongoing program operations and high performance.

Development and Marketing Tools

Grant Design and Solicitation, based in Value Stream Mapping, offering comprehensive grant design, a fundraising portfolio and solicitation plans for corporate, foundation and government support.

Market Studies and Marketing Plans, covering customer-based marketing (donors, volunteers and other stakeholders) and market competition (other organizations and alternatives). Sophisticated market studies and marketing plans enable organizations to learn who their best customers are, and how to reach them in the most time-, message- and cost-effective way.


amy for chameleonAmy Sterling Casil has bachelor’s degrees in British/American Literature and Studio Art from Scripps College in Claremont, CA and a Master’s Degree in Creative Writing and Literature from Chapman University in Orange, CA. She brings more than 2 decades of experience in high-level non-profit and for-profit business executive management, planning and operations to the company. She has participated in the founding and/or expansion of more than 100 successful small- to medium-enterprises in a variety of sectors in the United States and Canada, and as a non-profit executive and fund and program developer, including significant housing and economic developments of up to $50 million in value. As Vice President of Development for progressive Los Angeles social service and housing development organization Beyond Shelter (2005-2011), she raised approximately $57 million from public and private sources for business operations and oversaw the development and successful completion of projects including the 3-year, $11.7 million Skid Row Families Demonstration Project, which assisted 250 homeless families to obtain and establish healthy, positive lives in safe, decent housing in residential neighborhoods in Los Angeles County. Ms. Casil possesses executive-level knowledge of accounting and financial management, as well as experience in successful enterprise establishment and achievement of real-world goals and objectives and deliverables in business sectors ranging from sustainable agriculture to mining investment to toy manufacture to medical and alternative health industries, software-as-a-service, and import-export businesses in the U.S., Canada and Mexico. She has a life history of asking, “Why?” as well as “Why not?” and then making the answers to those questions a business reality through effective motivation and team-building.


bruce foto for pitch deckBruce White has a bachelor’s degree in Materials Engineering from Drexel University and a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt in Continuous Improvement from Villanova University. In addition, he is a Six Sigma Black Belt from Kraft Foods/Global Productivity Solutions. He is a Fortune 500 continuous improvement expert with over two decades of experience in the development and implementation of continuous improvement processes in a variety of manufacturing sections, including the aerospace, business services, major food and medical products sectors. With Kraft Foods, he achieved a $1.79 million variable cost reduction in Premium Saltine manufacture, and a $767,000 variable cost reduction in Oreo cookie manufacture. With Deluxe Corporation, he achieved similar results and provided lean mentoring and training resulting in improved efficiency and performance at many Deluxe locations. He is a gifted expert in using Lean and Six Sigma principles in partnership with stakeholders to define and execute a Strategic Roadmap driving a Continuous Improvement Culture that maximizes and sustains Bottom Line Performance, Customer Satisfaction and Employee Morale. Terri Bower, HR Business Partner, said, “Bruce is an outstanding business partner. His noted accomplishments only tell a part of his story. Bruce has an uncanny ability to connect with each individual at each level within the organization to instill enthusiasm, understanding and committment to process improvements. He is generous with his time and knowledge, he speaks to all in language that they can understand.”

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