Pacific Human Capital prepares its business plans and conducts its reviews using time-tested and reliable business planning methodology. The Pacific Human Capital advantage also includes a knowledge of current business and social media communications strategies, coupled with world-class writing and presentation. We use business databases with worldwide business information to research competitors and help you prepare realistic financial projections.

Like other high-quality business planning firms, we do not use templates. Each plan is individually-prepared to meet the goals and objectives of the individual business and client. We also assist business in fund development and positioning for funding success and ongoing successful operation. We provide individual coaching and will work with you to present your business in the best possible light . . . including helping you to establish strategic plans and undertake concrete steps to strengthen your business in the marketplace. If this website seems friendly and a little “different” from our competitors, it’s because we are friendly, and we are different. We want results that will work for you. We aren’t going to tell you to be, or do, something that you are not. We also will never assume that we know more than you do about your own business. We are there to enhance and strengthen you and your ideas, not tell you everything you “don’t know.” We are there to help present you in the very best light. In fact, one of the most common responses from business owners so far is, “I didn’t know I was that good at that!”

One business owner had considered giving up several times in her established, highly awarded interior design practice. After working on her plan, she said, “I’m glad I didn’t give up before. You reminded me of why I’ve been doing this, and everything I believe in and care about. You made me feel proud of what we’ve accomplished and now we know where we go from here.”

Business Plan Review $149.95

If you have completed a business plan on your own, send it to us and we will let you know where you’ve excelled, and areas that you may wish to consider to strengthen. We will provide an analysis and send you a written review organized by area and strength/weakness.
2 to 3 pages

Entrepreneur Business Plan starting at $2,499.95 

The Entrepreneur Business Plan includes an executive summary including the need for funding, history of the business, management profile, description of products and services, real market research, analysis of competitors and complementary businesses, marketing plan, financial projections, exit plan, and a summary of the business opportunity.
25 to 40 pages

Executive Business Plan starting at $2,999.95

The Executive Business Plan covers all the elements of the Entrepreneur Business Plan, plus additional research, legal and governmental aspects affecting the business, and additional information required for SBA loans and/or investor opportunities.
35 to 60 pages

Plan Editing, Formatting and Rewriting starting at $999.95

We can use the work you have already done, complete sections that are necessary for financing, and put the business plan into a format that is ideal for your business and for funders.

Business Coaching starting at $125.00 an hour, first hour free

We will go over your funding options and needs with you via phone, Skype or in-person if you are in California or we are traveling to your area. As one example, we’ve walked start-up manufacturing companies through the import and export process, and through their financial projections and cash flow, resulting in successful scale-up and expansion performance. As another example, we are designing Kickstarter campaigns for creative businesses. Please see our expertise for the large variety of creative and artistic businesses we have worked with, from fashion designers to natural perfumiers to destination/lifestyle businesses with alternative medicine, food as medicine, and local art/health community components.

Business Makeover starting at $125.00 an hour

Meetings with funders show that in ideal cases, they provide funding to one out of three applicants. You may not need a business plan to obtain funding for an established business. You do need to be able to work successfully with the funder. One of the most common reasons for denials? Lack of control over finances and understanding of ratios required for funding success and operation. One funder said that he visits successfully operating businesses all the time that have all their financial records “in a shoebox.” He said there’s no law against giving them money — but there ought to be! Think where these businesses would be if they didn’t have their financial information in a shoebox! Other times, businesses are unaware of simple steps they could take to move beyond the day-to-day cash flow struggle to stability, growth and success. Other businesses have failed due to poor staffing patterns — both too many, and too few employees. If you are in Central and Southern California, we will do a business makeover  . . . but unlike the “makeover” shows (bar, hotel, restaurant) we don’t swear and throw things, and we won’t tear up your office and bring in all-new desks and wallpaper. Also unlike the “makeover” shows, we’re realistic. We understand that if the suggestion for change doesn’t fit your style or business, it won’t be adopted. The makeover will give you three to five realistic, achievable goals and objectives, with a time table for implementation and action steps.

A note about business plans

We are here to help you interpret some of the requirements that go into making a successful business plan. One example is “competitors.” Most of the businesses we have completed plans for, including those who have written drafts on their own, say “our business is unique. We don’t have competitors.” Every business has competitors. They may not be in your exact line of business. For example, a pet care business competitor may be home grooming products, or individual pet sitters, not just another boarding or grooming service. A new exercise studio could also have competition from home exercise equipment, or even, depending on its target market, other personal care services. We can help you think about who your competitors are, and learn from them. This is just one example of the way professional business plan services can strengthen your business.

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