Why Professional Business Planning?

You need capital to buy equipment. You need to set up a marketing plan.

You need to get started. Pacific Human Capital offers one flat-rate for business plan writing and preparation. We will review your business plan and let you know about the great work you’ve already done, any areas you might have missed, and where you stand in terms of getting the financing you need to move forward, also for one low rate.

If you were starting a business exactly like Pacific Human Capital, we’d say “Go for it!” You wouldn’t need our services.

The kind of business plan you have will depend upon what kind of funding you need. Jim Ellis, faculty member at the Stanford Graduate School of Business, has an excellent discussion of why different types of business plans are needed, and a “one size fits all” approach won’t work.


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    Site looks great! Very professional. I’ll keep you in mind if any requests come my way.

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    Thank you, Rev. Sky! I hope all is well and that you are continuing your great work!

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